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Robert H Paley, M.D.

Medical School
Tufts Medical School, 1971-75
Boston, MA

B.A., University of Virginia, 1966-70
Graduated with Distinction

Internship: Pediatrics, 1975-76
Children’s Hospital and Adult Medical Center

Diagnostic Radiology, 1976-79
Massachusetts General Hospital.
Boston, MA

Interventional Radiology, 1979-80
Boston VA Hospital, Tufts Medical School
Boston, MA

Visiting Fellowship: Breast MRI, 2012
Seattle Cancer Care Alliance/University of Washington
Seattle, WA

Board Certifications
Licensed in District of Columbia and Maryland since 1981
American Board of Radiology since 1979

DC Medical Radiological Society, Treasurer, 2007-2009, President 2009-2010
DC Medical Society
American College of Radiology
Radiologic Society of North America
American Roentgen Ray Society

Dr. Paley trained in Boston, Massachusetts, attending Tufts Medical School and completing his radiology residency at Massachusetts General Hospital and his fellowship training in Interventional Radiology at Tufts VA Medical Center.

He moved to D.C. to begin a practice as an interventional radiologist and initiated procedures such as CT guided biopsies and drainages, angioplasty, and use of thrombolytic agents that are now common practice in radiology. He lectured and initiated the conversion of pulmonary angiography to the use of CT imaging for the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism, currently the procedure of choice. He expanded his practice with a special interest in breast imaging, initiating stereotactic biopsies as chair of the radiology department at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C. and subsequently initiated breast MRI and MRI guided procedures as chair of radiology at St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore, MD. He has lectured on the current direction of screening mammography and published on the accuracy of tumor size from breast imaging studies in a community hospital setting. He continues to specialize in interventional radiology with an interest in breast imaging.

Dr. Paley has taught medical students while at St. Agnes and more recently at Northwest Hospital in Baltimore, MD. He is a member of the Radiological Society of North America, the American Roentgen Ray Society, and the American College of Radiology. He is past president and serves on the board of the local chapter of the American College of Radiology.


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