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Medical Director & Teleradiology Services

Progressive Radiology has years of experience as a provider of teleradiology and on-site medical director services. Our extensive infrastructure allows us to pool resources for the benefit of each client. Progressive Radiology brings its success to your imaging practice or hospital with a complete turn-key proven solution. We grow your practice by providing expert subspecialty interpretations and physician marketing strategies.

Medical Director Services. Progressive Radiology’s medical director and interpretative services are an extension of the practices we serve. Our goal is to streamline our client’s practice by reducing overhead costs through productivity efficiencies. We become an integral part of your practice, partner with your staff, and deliver the highest quality of care expected for your patients, ensuring your success- clinically, operationally and financially.

Our Experience. Our radiologists collaborate with you staff to develop efficient exam protocols for the highest quality studies. We respond promptly to inquiries from referring clinicians. Our commitment to timely communication for all critical findings to our hospitals, emergency department and free standing urgent care centers that demand prompt turn-around times has proven our mission critical health care stance.

Our Radiologists. Our board-certified radiologists have subspecialty expertise, and many are nationally renowned educators and authors. Our practice supports unlimited continuing medical education for its radiologists, far beyond the minimum requirements for maintenance of licensure. Among us are several radiologists who have had multiple fellowships, additional years of post-graduate clinical training, and advanced degrees outside of medicine. We offer an academic level of expertise in a private practice setting.

Our Mission. Progressive Radiology is dedicated to serving the community by providing high-quality radiology services for our patients. We deliver compassionate care, coupled with accurate diagnosis and timely delivery of results. We use proven technologies, are committed to excellence, and always keep patient safety at the forefront of our practice. We are people caring for people.

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