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1867 Amherst Street
Suite 103
Winchester, Virginia 22601

Phone: 540-931-0139
Fax: 540-931-0142

1867 Amherst Street
Suite 103
Winchester, Virginia 22601

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Monday through Friday 7:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. EST
Saturday: By appointment only

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Conveniently located in the Shenandoah Valley, close to Route 37 and I-81, Progressive Radiology’s Winchester center is dedicated to serving patients with the most innovative technology available for mammography, ultrasound and x-ray services. With a private waiting area for your mammogram appointment, your care and comfort are our top priorities.

Our Services Include:

NEW: Mammo+Heart

Our Mammo+Heart screening can offer insight into both your breast and heart health. With Mammo+Heart AI screening software*, we can help identify your cardiovascular risk by detecting the presence of breast arterial calcification on your mammogram. Breast arterial calcification is a calcium build up in the arteries of the breast. As calcium deposits form, the vessel wall becomes stiffer and less elastic and can lead to increased pressure on the heart as it works to pump blood through the vessels. The presence of calcified arteries has been linked to an increased risk for cardiovascular disease in women. Take advantage of what your mammogram can tell you about your heart health. Opt in at the time of your mammography appointment.

Supported by USHV, a leading national provider of cardiovascular services.

3D Mammography: This revolutionary mammography technology allows the radiologist to identify structures and abnormalities in the breast with greater ease as there is less overlapping tissue. During this exam, multiple images of the breast are acquired at different angles using no more radiation and no longer compression time than a conventional 2D mammogram. This technology has been shown to result in a 40% increase in the detection of invasive breast cancers and a reduced callback rate. 3D technology is used for both screening and diagnostic mammograms.

To Prepare: Do not wear deodorant, talcum powder, or lotion under your arms. These can appear on your exam as abnormal calcium spots. You may bring these products with you to apply upon completion of your exam.

Please obtain your prior mammograms and make them available to us at the time of your current exam. Our radiologist is looking for any subtle change in the way your breasts look over time. Without the previous studies, you may be asked to come back for additional views, causing unnecessary stress and delay in diagnosis.

For more information, please call (833) 223-6661.

*Mammo+Heart uses cmAngio®, an FDA-Cleared Artificial Intelligence (AI) based detection software, to identify the presence or absence of breast arterial calcification (BAC) as an incidental finding in FFDM and DBT screening mammograms. The finding indicates whether calcium buildup is present in the breast arterial wall. BAC has been associated with a higher risk of coronary heart or cardiovascular disease, but the presence or absence of BAC alone is not a diagnosis for coronary heart or cardiovascular disease or determinative of a patient’s risk for coronary heart or cardiovascular disease. Results from Mammo+Heart may be used for further patient management at the discretion of a primary care physician, cardiologist, or specialist. If BAC is detected, please consult your primary care physician, a cardiologist, or specialist for further information on diagnosis and treatment.

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