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Introducing, SmartCurve. Finally, a mammogram shaped like a woman.

SmartCurve comfort technology has been clinically proven to deliver a more comfortable mammogram. Research has shown that 93% of patients who had experienced moderate to severe discomfort with standard compression systems reported increased comfort with a SmartCurve mammogram.

The ergonomics of comfort.

Many women feel pain during standard flat paddle mammograms because of the required pressure against the chest wall. SmartCurve, with its signature curved compression surface, is molded to fit the curve of a woman’s breast, distributing pressure more evenly for a more comfortable experience.

At Progressive Radiology, we’ve now integrated SmartCurve into our state-of-the-art 3D mammography systems at our women’s imaging centers at our Colonnade location in Bel-Air, Maryland, and our Winchester, Virginia location. Independently, both 3D mammography and SmartCurve represent substantial improvements in mammography. But when integrated into a single screening platform, they represent the unification of the gold standard in accuracy with a clinically proven solution for greater comfort.

SmartCurve Paddle

The end result? A better, more accurate mammogram with an improved experience for the patient.

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