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Dr. Jill Wilkens Featured in the Ageis on Mammography

When should I begin having mammograms and do I need a doctor’s referral (prescription)?

Women should start having yearly screening mammograms beginning at age 40 unless they have breast problems or a family history of breast cancer, then they should have a baseline mammogram at an earlier age. This age varies according to the age of detected breast cancer in their family member. Generally, it should be 10 years before the age that their first-degree relative (mother, sister) was diagnosed.

A referral is not needed for a screening mammogram. Simply call to make an appointment and indicate the medical provider to whom you want your report sent. Diagnostic mammograms are performed as a result of abnormal screening mammograms or in patients with breast complaints. They require a referral.

At Progressive Radiology we offer “Peace of Mind” screening mammograms. Patients are able to receive their results on the day of their exam. No more waiting for a letter in the mail. Patients will have “peace of mind” and immediate answers when they leave our center.

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