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Riad Charafeddine, M.D.

Medical School
Universite de Montpellier, Montpellier – France

The Griffin Hospital, Derby – CT

Tulane University Hospital and Clinics, New Orleans – LA

Research Fellowship MRI
University of Penn

Board Certifications
American Board of Radiology

Dr. Charafeddine graduated from Montpellier school of Medicine (in France) for General M.D. Practice.

He moved afterward for a productive research Fellowship in MRI at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania where he actively participated in various research topics, learned many facets of body and Musculoskeletal MRI and as well introduced to first breast MR imaging applications under the auspices of Dr. Mitchell Schnall.

He pursued a curriculum in Diagnostic Radiology starting with a year of Internal Medicine at The Griffin Hospital (Connecticut – affiliated with Yale school of Medicine) – followed by Diagnostic Radiology Residency training at Tulane University Hospital and Clinics. During residency, Dr. Charafeddine developed further interest in Body, Musculoskeletal and Breast Imaging, worked on many research projects and won the Leon Melville research award.

After working in a Hospital based Radiology practice in Iowa-Trinity regional Medical Center, Dr. Charafeddine moved to Washington D.C. to proceed as staff radiologist for Body and Breast Imaging at the Washington Hospital Center for two years.

Dr. Charafeddine brings his wide experience to Progressive Radiology including the areas of body imaging, women’s imaging and image guided procedures.

He enjoys spending time with his family, and appreciates the arts and culture in D.C.


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Axel L, Kolman L, Charafeddine R, Hwang SN, Stolpen AH.
Origin of a Signal Loss Artifact in Fat-Saturation MR Imaging. Radiology, Dec 2000 Vol.217 (3): 911-5

Siegelman ES, Charafeddine R, Stolpen AH, Axel L. Suppression of Intravascular Signal on Fat-Saturated Contrast-Enhanced Thoracic MR Arteriograms. Radiology, Oct 2000 Vol.217 (1): 115-8

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