Progressive Radiology's 2nd Annual "Tackle the Cause" Purple and Pink 5k Run/Walk

Posted on: 10/29/2014

All of us at Progressive Radiology would like to thank you for your time and support of our 2nd Annual “Tackle the Cause” Purple and Pink 5k event held on October 25th to benefit the American Cancer Society. Your generous support allowed Progressive Radiology to raise thousands of dollars for all cancer research and to help find a cure for this elusive disease. We would like to also give special thanks to our community sponsors for their financial help to make such a worthy event possible.

Male Overall Winners

  1. Chad Arrington
  2. Joshua Marsh
  3. James Margav

Female Overall Winners

  1. Lauren Costello
  2. Elizabeth Marsh
  3. Glenna Sullivan

Male 40 and Over

  1. Eric Miller
  2. Greg Russell
  3. Bill Stafford

Female 40 and Over

  1. Katherine Hopkins
  2. Margie Gallagher
  3. Esther Buchser

Male 30 to 39

  1. Adam Smallow
  2. Andrew Black
  3. Michel Reed

Female 30 to 39

  1. Heather Black
  2. Alisha White
  3. Wendy Lee

Female 16 to 29

  1. Anna Puntanen
  2. Molly Kennedy
  3. Noel Stallmann 

Male 15 and Under

  1. Matthew Funk
  2. Maddox Ward
  3. Otto Wilson III

Female 15 and Under 

  1. Maryjane Edwards
  2. Lauren Puntanen
  3. Marina Miller 


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